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Common Name:
Catfish - Feather Fin
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Common Name:  Catfish - Feather Fin

Other Common Names:  Cat Synodontis Eupterus, Featherfin Synodontis , Featherfin Squeaker

Scientific Name:  Synodontis eupterus  (Full Taxonomy)


Origin or Range:  Africa

Relative Size:  Larger Than Average  
    (as compared to other freshwater fish)

Average Lifespan:  ??? year(s)

Compatibility:  Relatively Aggressive   
    (as compared to other freshwater fish)

Category:  Fish » Freshwater Fish
Animal Description:  

The Feather Fin Catfish is a fish for long time aquarists. It is a fun fish to have, but difficult to care for. It gets its name from the wonderful dorsal fin, which rays out, much like a fan. While not always true, the Feather Fin Catfish can require a lot of work to maintain.

Feather Fin Catfish, also known as Cat Synodontis Eupterus, Featherfin Synodontis, and Featherfin Squeaker, in general, will not like to share a tank with other fish. They have been known to be very territorial, especially when breeding. There are fish that they might be able to coexist with, however. These include large African Cichlids, as they are equally aggressive. Also, they will sometimes get along with other catfish. Feather Fin Catfish get large, so keep them in large tanks. Also, they like lots of rocks and caves to hide in, as well as moderate plant decoration. Feather Fin Catfish like live plants, and will not bother them.

At maturity, the Feather Fin Catfish will grow to a size from five to seven inches. Also, these fish have long life spans. There have been reports of these fish living for 18 years. Young Feather Fin Catfish will have a brown marble with black stripes pattern, while adults will develop into a dull gray color with brown spots. As mentioned before, the Feather Fin Catfish has a beautiful dorsal fin, which rays out, much like a fan.

Feather Fin Catfish are found in African lakes, mostly in Zaire, Sudan, Chad, and Nigeria.

Specific Care Information: Relative Care Ease: Relatively Easy

The Feather Fin Catfish is a pretty hardy fish. It likes hard water with a neutral to alkaline pH, from seven to eight and a half. Water temperatures can range from 72 to 80 degrees fahrenheit. The Feather Fin Catfish likes to eat live foods, such as small fish, blood worms, glass worms, brine shrimp, tubifex worms, plankton, and beef heart. They will accept pellet and tablet foods.

Breeding and Propagation: Relative Breeding Ease: Difficult

Feather Fin Catfish are not known to breed in captivity. They are egg layers.

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Sunday, 19 April 2015