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Common Name:
Brazilian Black and White Tarantula
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Common Name:  Brazilian Black and White Tarantula

Other Common Names:  Brazilian Giant Black and White Tarantula

Scientific Name:  Brazilopelma colloratvillosum  (Full Taxonomy)

Group:  Tarantulas

Origin or Range:  Brazil

Relative Size:  Larger Than Average  
    (as compared to other tarantulas)

Average Lifespan:  ??? year(s)

Compatibility:  Average   
    (as compared to other tarantulas)

Category:  Arachnids » Tarantulas
Animal Description:  

Rare, expensive, and beautiful, the Brazilian Black and White Tarantula is like a larger, slightly more aggressive version of the Brazilian Whiteknee Tarantula. This species is more suited for the Tarantula veteran than a novice caretaker.

The Brazilian Black and White Tarantula, much like the Brazilian Whiteknee Tarantula, is highly sought after for its size and beauty. It can grow to a monstrous 9 inches in size and is captivatingly beautiful. This spider is not easily handled and would do best with someone who really knows how to handle such a large, impressive specimen without angering it. Prohibitively expensive, but well worth the cost, the Brazilian Black and White Tarantula is something of a Holy Grail for Tarantula enthusiasts and will be the centerpiece of any spider collection. You should always consult an expert before attempting to handle this tarantula. This is a terrestrial spider and does not burrow nearly as much as its cousin the Brazilian Whiteknee Tarantula. Thus, you will be able to view this magnificent spider whenever you like. A big problem can be obtaining this spider in the United States, as it is not commonly found in America. You may find it for export in a few places in Europe, which will add to the already high price. Again, this spider is recommended for expert enthusiasts only and is not suitable for novices or children.

Its sheer size and gorgeous coloration make the Brazilian Black and White Tarantula one of the most breathtaking arachnids in the world. The leg span of can reach a full eight inches. Its coloring resembles that of the Brazilian Whiteknee Tarantula in that it has similar white rings around the torso and legs, but the rings on this spider are much larger and encompass more of the spider. The hairs on this particular tarantula are longer than most and accentuate the edges of the spider's legs and abdomen.

This spider makes its home mostly in the grasslands of Brazil and occasionally the savannah. It is traditionally one of the most expensive and rarest type of Tarantula. Having one of these spiders in your possession is a very prestigious thing among Tarantula lovers.

Specific Care Information: Relative Care Ease: Uncertain

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Breeding and Propagation: Relative Breeding Ease: Uncertain

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015