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Common Name:
Horned Frog - Brazilian
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Common Name:  Horned Frog - Brazilian

Other Common Names:  Ornate Horned Frog

Scientific Name:  Ceratophrys aurita  (Full Taxonomy)


Origin or Range:  South America

Relative Size:  Much Larger Than Average  
    (as compared to other frogs)

Average Lifespan:  ??? year(s)

Compatibility:  Relatively Aggressive   
    (as compared to other frogs)

Category:  Amphibians » Frogs
Animal Description:  

The Brazilian Horned Frog, also known as the Ornate Horned Frog or Pac Man Frog, is popular in the pet trade. These frogs are so popular because they are easy to care for and quite impressive.

Native to Brazil and other areas in South America, the Brazilian Horned Frog makes its home in humid rainforest. They usually live in streams and other bodies of water. Brazilian Horned Frogs are very aggressive feeders. They capture prey by grabbing anything that ventures too close, killing it with their jaws, and quickly swallowing it. The Brazilian Horned Frog's bite is very strong and they will hold on to their prey until it is swallowed or they are forced to let go. The Brazilian Horned Frog is will eat almost anything, including other frogs, and they have a very large appetite.

Brazilian Horned Frogs range in size from 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) to almost 9 inches (23 centimeters).They are multicolored, often in some combination of browns, greens, and yellow. They have bumps all over their bodies, which are also quite colorful. They have large eyes placed on top of their heads. The stomach is light colored with numerous black spots. They have two horns, triangular in shape, that extend from the eyelids.

Brazilian Horned Frogs are most commonly found in the rainforests of central and southern Brazil, as well as in northern Argentina.

Specific Care Information: Relative Care Ease: Average

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Breeding and Propagation: Relative Breeding Ease: Relatively Difficult

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Saturday, 28 March 2015