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Common Name:
Python - Timor
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Common Name:  Python - Timor

Other Common Names:  Lesser Sundas Python

Scientific Name:  Python timoriensis  (Full Taxonomy)

Group:  Python

Origin or Range:  Indo-Pacific

Relative Size:  Larger Than Average  
    (as compared to other snakes)

Average Lifespan:  ??? year(s)

Compatibility:  Relatively Aggressive   
    (as compared to other snakes)

Category:  Reptiles » Snakes
Animal Description:  

The Timor Python is a handsome snake that is uncommon on captivity.

The Timor Python, also known as the Lesser Sundas Python, is a shy and nervous snake, yet they can do surprisingly well in captivity. Their rarity is probably due to the fact that imports are expensive and they do not breed well in captivity. They can be high-strung and sensitive creatures. Timor Pythons have the best temperaments when they are raised in captivity from birth, though this is rare.

Timor Pythons have an attractive brown pattern, though the pattern only exists on the front of the snake. The rear lacks any pattern at all and is largely a green or brownish color. Individuals will vary in shade and pattern. Their skin will occasionally appear to be iridescent, this is usually after shedding. At sexual maturity, the male Timor Python will reach an average length of between five and eight feet in length. Females are slightly larger. The larger specimens can weigh up to twenty pounds, but this is rare.

The Timor Python is from the Lesser Sunda Islands, including Flores, Pantar, Adonara and Lomblen. They exist in open grasslands or tropical forests.

Specific Care Information: Relative Care Ease: Average

Timors should be kept in large habitats with plenty of branches for them to climb in. A constant daytime temperature of about 80 degrees fahrenheit should be maintained. The snake should also have a hot basking spot at 90 degrees. At night, the temperature should drop to about 75 degrees. The humidity level should be at roughly 70%. Plenty of dark hiding places are essential as well.

Breeding and Propagation: Relative Breeding Ease: Relatively Difficult

The Timor Python is rather difficult to breed in captivity. The female will lay approximately five eggs, but they are capable of laying twice that amount. At an incubation temperature of 89 degrees Fahrenheit, the eggs will hatch in about 9 or 10 weeks. They will be sexually mature by around four years of age. Neonates often require lizards for their first meals.

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